City of Commerce

DSCF0700 Hong Kong and commerce are deeply intertwined, as trading houses, billionaires, and shipping have been woven deep into the city’s fabric. Quickly blossoming into a major trading port, shortly after the British takeover, Hong Kong, bereft of duties and levies, attracted capital from all over the Empire. Trading Houses were established, as successors of the Hong oligopoly of the pre-opium war times. Today, a few of those big trading houses and conglomerates of yonder still control the city, competing in the realms of supermarkets, construction, restaurants, and many other aspects of daily life. Single buildings at the territory’s universities are named after moguls, as are whole university faculties.

At the other end of the spectrum lie the unsung working class of businessmen, running small storefronts, old street stalls, market stalls in the belly of the city. Plying their trade past retirement age, Hong Kong is full of old craftsmen, storekeepers and restaurateurs.


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