Timeless Milan


Milan is the city of fashion, of finance. (more…)


City of Commerce

DSCF0700 Hong Kong and commerce are deeply intertwined, (more…)



Hong Kong provides an intersection of east and west, of northern Asia and southern Asia, and of nature and the city. In Tsim Sha Tsui, (more…)

Dinner Time


Hong Kong has a healthy appetite (more…)

The Times, They are a-Changin’



Changes are a constant in Hong Kong, it seems. And as the pace of development has accelerated ever since the hand-off the the People’s republic, beloved icons have fallen by the wayside, such as the Star Ferry Company’s iconic pier, demolished in 2006 to make way for a large land reclamation project along the shores of Central and Wan Chai.

On the other side of the harbor, since 2011, arises the ICC, Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper, with it’s footing also buried deep in reclaimed soil. And in between the Colony and China, between Victoria Island and Kowloon, putputs the Star Ferry, also iconic in its green-and-white livery, on routes not much changed since 1888. But in a nod to city marketing, even icons can turned into advertising billboards for “Asia’s World City”.

Keep on Truckin’


Hong Kong’s traffic (more…)

The Calm in the Ivory Tower

The Calm in the Ivory Tower

The University of Hong Kong’s Main Building serves as the University’s claim to past imperial glory (more…)